Submission Guide


Would you like to write for Natural Health, Natural Me?

We are interested in high quality content about health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness.

There is one caveat. At this time, payment is not possible. However, if you contribute per submission guidelines, you will get a byline with short bio and a link to your site. I am a writer, believe me, I know a byline doesn’t pay the bills, but this is a love project and the funds simply are not there at this time. But it will be a great addition to your portfolio.

Guidelines for Submission

Look through the blog to see what has already been covered and to get a sense of the tone and style. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

    • Keep word count between 400 and 2,500
    • Content in the following areas:
      • Health
      • Wellness
      • Fitness
      • Diet
      • Nutrition
      • Labels
      • Seals (organic, etc.)
    • Link to at least two credible health news sources and list ALL sources used
      • Scientific journals
      • Medical advisory organizations (i.e., the American Heart Association or American Cancer Society)
      • Interviews with subject matter experts
      • Education (.edu) and government (.gov) sites, including PubMed
    • Write with Google’s E.A.T. scores in mind: Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness

At this time we do not need motivational material or recipes.

You do not need to include photos. That will be handled in house.

What You Get

    • Link to your website
    • Link to one of your own blog posts
    • Professional one-on-one critique to ensure your content is the very best it can be
    • Freedom to include the link to your work in your portfolio

How to Submit

    • Create a Google Doc for your content
    • Create a link with edit privileges
    • Send content title and link to this email
    • Watch the file and/or your email to check for edits